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bike maintenance services near me
bike maintenance services near me

Mobile Bike Repair Services and Rates

Did You Buy Your Bike Online?

We are a mobile bike maintenance repair shop assembling all ranges of bikes (including E-Bikes) from a box. Prices start at $75.

Rolling 2 You Erie Mobile Bicycle Repair is a bicycle repair shop serving the greater Erie, Pennsylvania area as well as surrounding communities. Our large step van is equipped with a full repair and service shop along with parts and accessories. We are an appointment-based service servicing Erie County, PA as well as Northeastern Ohio and a small portion of Western New York State.

Want to have a mobile bike repair service station at your next event or race? Book Rolling 2 You to come to your event and service bikes before and/or after the event. These services are also available outside the normal service areas noted above (Corporate events available upon request). For more information and pricing about bicycling events please contact us.

Your time is valuable, so you and your family may not have time to get everything done, including getting your bicycle/s serviced. This is where Rolling 2 You Mobile Bicycle repair comes into the picture. We will service and repair your bikes at your home or business. This service saves you valuable time and expense in that you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to load the bike up and transport it to a shop and then return to pick it up days to weeks later. You pick the service package, time (appointment availability) and place that works best for YOUR SCHEDULE. Most services are completed on location while you wait unless there is a special-order part required.

A’Lacarte Services
  • Assembly (from a box or travel case) (including new bikes purchased online) – Starting at $75.00
  • Disassemble & pack for shipping (includes boxing materials) – Starting at $79.00
  • Suspension Service – Starting at $79.00*
  • Wheel Building – Starting at $60.00*
  • Custom Wheel Building – Starting at $100

*Price does not include parts

Package Plans

  • Full inspection/evaluation
  • Shifting check & adjustment
  • Brake check & adjustment
  • Clean & Lubricate chain & pivot points
  • Check adjustment of Bearing Assemblies
  • Laterally true wheels (on bike)
  • Bolt & Fastener check
  • Wipe down frame & wheel surfaces
  • Post-service test ride
Major TUNE-UP: $99

  • Basic Tune-up – plus:
  • Replace Shift & Brake Cables
  • Replace Shift & Brake Housing as needed
  • Degrease Drivetrain (on bike)
  • Includes Cables & Housing

  • Major Tune-up – Plus:
  • Replace Bar Tape and/or Grips
  • Pro Truing of wheels (off bike)
  • Includes bar tape/grips (Up to $30 value) Upgraded bar tape available

  • Deluxe Tune-up – Plus:
  • Deep cleaning/degreasing of bike
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of chain, cogs & chainrings
  • Overhaul of all loose-ball bearing systems
  • 4-5 day turn around (Usually sooner)
BASIC TUNE-UP – Kids bikes (No gears) and Fixed Gear Bikes: $39

  • Lubricate chain
  • Inflate tires to desired pressure (within mfg.’s specifications)
  • Adjustment of front and rear brakes (as applicable)
  • Check & adjust bearing assemblies (hubs, headset & bottom bracket)
  • Check saddle & stem alignment
  • Bolt/fastener check on entire bike
**For all listed services, parts not listed are not included in price** *Upgraded bearings, bar tape, grips, cables & housings are available*
Recommended Service Intervals
How often your bike needs servicing, and which services it needs, will depend on how often and how hard it’s ridden. Here are some basic recommendations and guidelines. If you have any questions about your specific bike, contact us to discuss them.

Pulling it out of the Garage for the First Time I Recent Memory:

  • Have us evaluate it for safety and functionality
Light Usage (1-3 Rides Monthly):

  • Pre-Season: Basic Adjustments w/ Safety Check & Drivetrain Clean
  • Off-Season: Drivetrain Clean
Moderate Usage (1-3 rides Weekly):

  • Pre-Season: Basic Adjustments w/ Safety Check & Drivetrain Clean
  • Mid-season: Professional-Tune-up/Drivetrain Clean combo
  • Off-Season: Professional Tune-up
Racing/Heavy Usage (Road-MTB-CX Racing) 4-5+ rides Weekly:

  • Pre-Season: Professional Tune-up/Drivetrain Combo
  • Mid-Season: Professional Tune-up/Drivetrain Combo
  • Off-Season: Complete Overhaul
Popular Bike Maintenance Repairs
Professional (Major) Tune-Up Whether you are finishing up a long season of racing or pulling your bike off the rack for the first time in years, the Professional Tune-up uses a detailed checklist to get your bike clean, well-tuned, and back into prime performance.
Drive Train Cleaning Over time, the lubricants in your drive train will accumulate grit and dirt that affect the performance of your bike. Our mechanics will treat your chain, derailleurs, and cassette with a special formulation of cleaners and lubricants to clean it up and fine-tune the performance.

Complete Overhaul The works! If you’ve put your bike through the wringer (so to speak) or it’s been a good few years between maintenance services, your bike might just need an overhaul. We will completely disassemble the bike, clean every component, re-lubricate, and re-grease parts, replace cables & housing, grips/tape, and tune it for a like new feel.
Brake/Gear/Derailleur Adjustment The more you ride your bike, you may notice that the brakes and shifting aren’t as crisp as they used to be. We’ll get everything tightened up and realigned for improved performance.

Precision Wheel True Eventually, all wheels need to be trued (where the rim is realigned with the hub). If you notice your wheel has a wobble to it, we will get it straightened out and on the road.
Flat Tire Service (replaces tube/tire) Whether it’s your first flat or your latest unlucky outing, we will replace the tube, and if needed, the tire.

Basic Adjustments with Safety Inspection If your bike isn’t shifting right, call us and we will get it tuned up and ready to go. We also do a brake and bolt inspection to make sure everything is sound.
Group Tunes
At Your Favorite Location- Home or Office
Call us or schedule an appointment and get back on your bikes riding and enjoying the best
time of the year with your friends and family!

Rolling 2 You also offers parts and accessories including road and mountain tires, flat prevention solutions, lights, bike pumps, locks, multi-tools and a variety of other accessories.

Please call if you need a special item or part, we carry hundreds of items in stock and most non-stock parts and accessories can be here in two or three days. And we’d be glad to deliver and/or install them on your scheduled day. Any bikes that are added after our arrival may not qualify for special pricing.

Note: Minimum of (3) bikes required to qualify for Group Tune pricing during peak biking season; business requirement listed below.

How it works at your office

  1. Choose a contact person, who is the main point of contact: 3 bike minimum.
  2. This contact person should complete the Group Tune Sign Up form below. After which, a time and date can be scheduled for the Group Tune. It may be helpful to make copies for all the people involved so they have all the information they need.
  3. Participants bring in their bikes to work or other designated location on the scheduled day.

Rolling 2 You will tune up and have your bikes ready to ride the same day!

Note: only the work described in the Group Tune may be performed on the specified day, except for small repairs such as flat tires, cables, or quick fixes. Extensive repairs are scheduled as time allows: thus, ensuring all bikes are tuned up on time.

Individual Bike Repair Services
Bicycle Builds

  • Build / assemble new bicycle from box/travel case: Starting at $75
  • Build / assemble new bicycle from box, with internal cable housing: $100
  • Build / assemble new bicycle from box, with disc brakes: $75
  • Build / assemble new bicycle from box, with electronic shifting: $110
  • Build / assemble new bicycle from box, with hydraulic brakes: $110
  • Build / assemble tandem bicycle: Starting at $189
  • Build / assemble Electric bike: Starting at $149
  • Build / assemble, starting with bare frame with mechanical shifting: Starting at $229 (+$35 with hydraulic brakes)
  • Build / assemble, starting with bare frame with electronic shifting: Starting at $229 (+$35 with hydraulic brakes)
Cranks/Shifting System

  • Derailleur installation (front or rear): $25
  • Freewheel removal and replacement with new freewheel: $20
  • Shifter removal & installation: $20 per shifter

Computer and GPS

  • Computer (wired) installation: $30
  • Computer (wireless) installation: $10
  • GPS computer installation with GPS purchase: Included

  • Basic Cleaning for the purpose of removing excessive dirt/mud: $20
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (cassette/cogs, chain): $75
  • Complete bike cleaning including the above: $85

Fork, Frame, Handlebar, Seat Post

  • Handlebar alignment: $5
  • Handlebar tape installation (bar tape available for an additional fee): $15
  • Kickstand shortening: $10
  • Seat alignment: No Charge
  • Seat post tube shortening: $10
  • Steering tube shortening with headset adjustment: $45

  • Brake adjustment, pad alignment and cable adjustment (per wheel): $8
  • Brake pad installation includes pad alignment (per wheel): $12
  • Brake installation: $20
  • Disc brake rotor truing, per rotor: $10
  • Hydraulic brake bleed service (per wheel), piston cleaning and re- setting; available for Hayes, Magura, Shimano, SRAM Tektro, TRP brakes: $25 per wheel

Tire, Wheel, and Hub

  • DT Swiss rear hub service, full disassembly and rebuild: $75
  • Shimano rear hub service, full disassembly and rebuild: $45
  • Flat tire repair Tube Replacement: Mounted: $8.00 Dismounted: $5.00
  • Tubular Tire Installation (includes glue) (3 days Required): $50
  • Tubular Tire removal & rim cleaning: $45
  • Hub adjustment: Standard hub, per hub: $15
  • Hub rebuild, per wheel $35
  • Spoke replacement, includes a single stainless steel spoke and matching nipple with a lifetime spoke guarantee for the replaced spoke(s): $30 (additional spokes, same wheel, $10
  • Tubeless tire installation: Includes Stan’s sealant: $35 per tire (includes Stan’s sealant, but does not include tape & stems)
  • Wheel truing with wheel taken off bike; includes lateral and radial truing, dish, and spoke-tension adjustment (per wheel): $25
Cables and Housing

  • Cable installation, external: $8 each
  • Cable installation, internal: $15 each
  • Cable housing installation, shift/brake: $12 each

Drivetrain (bottom bracket, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, shifters)

  • Bottom bracket adjustment to correct loose bearing(s): $15
  • Bottom bracket rebuild (plus cost of new loose bearings/cartridges): $40
  • Bottom bracket removal & installation of new bottom bracket (plus parts): $35
  • Cassette removal/installation: $20
  • Derailleur hanger alignment & rear- derailleur/shifter adjustment: $25
  • Derailleur hanger installation: includes removal of old hanger and rear shifting adjustment: $25

  • Headset adjustment: $15
  • Headset installation: $45
  • Headset disassembly, cleaning, overhaul, and rebuild: $45

Pedals and Cleats

  • Cleat installation: $10
  • Pedal installation; removal of old pedals, cleaning of crank-arm threads, grease application, and installation of new pedals: $20
  • Pedal threads cleaned with aluminum shards removed, crank-arm re-tapped (per pedal): $15

  • New chain installation (available in 1-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, 11 and 12- speed sizes), includes removal of old chain, sizing & installation of new chain, and shifting adjustment following chain-installation. Price does not include cost of new replacement chain: $15

Packing & Shipping

  • Disassemble and pack a bike for shipping, includes all protective packaging materials (heavy-duty cardboard bike-box is an additional charge): Starting at $75
Suspension Service

  • Suspension Fork Service/Overhaul: Starting at $75
  • Rear Shock Service/Overhaul: Starting at $75
Bosch E-Bike Service

  • Troubleshooting/Updates: $20

  • Fender Installation (Pair): $30
  • Front or Rear Rack Installation: $25

Bike Check

  • Bicycle evaluation fee applied toward repair cost if you’d like to move forward with the bike repair: $20
Wheel Building Services

  • Custom Wheel building services available starting at: $75
Fitting Services
A relationship with Jason Balogh Bike Fitting has been developed to offer superior fitting to our clients. Proper fittings optimize power, performance, aerodynamics, and comfort to make the bike disappear underneath the rider so they can perform and enjoy the sport. Jason’s approach starts with a detailed history and physical examination followed by motion capture aiding to determine optimal positioning while riding. All contact points (feet, saddle, bars) are adjusted using a strong BikeFit methodology. Fits take approximately 3 hours. Jason also offers a separate saddle testing service currently offering 26 saddles to trial which include Selle SMP, Fizik, PRO, ISM, Cobb, and WTB. Jason has a strong background in fitting starting in the late 1990’s and becoming Level 2 BikeFit certified. He also has a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy treating sports and orthopedic injuries for 2 decades. To learn more or schedule an appointment contact Jason at (814) 434-9778 or visit his Facebook.

Types of Bikes we Service

It is very important to us that we are the best mobile bicycle repair Erie PA has to offer. Below is a list of different types of bikes we service. If you have any questions about the types of bicycles we service, or do not see your bike on the list, please contact us.

  • Electric
  • Road
  • Mountain
  • Commuter
  • Tandem
  • Trikes
  • BMX
  • Kids
  • eBike – Bosch
bicycle repair near me

We appreciate all your feedback and thrilled to serve the local community in such a unique way. If you haven’t already, please let us know how we’re doing and leave us a review on Facebook and/or Google.

I couldn’t be happier with the prompt and expert service and would not hesitate to recommend Rolling 2 You to anyone who is looking for a first-rate local company.
Charles C.

We were on our way to summer camp and when we lost a part he saved the day. He worked with us to get us the part ASAP without making us go out of the way. He even helped us when he was busy at an event and it was Sunday when they were closed! Phenomenal service thank you so much! He saved the trip.
David K.

Alex was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He taught me things about my bike I didn’t know. His price was cheaper for 30 minutes service vs 2 weeks with any other bike shop in town. Besides the professionalism, HE COMES TO YOUR DOOR!
Matt G.