Popular Erie Bicycle Repairs

Bike Cleaning Service

Over time, the lubricants in your drivetrain will accumulate grit and dirt that affect the performance of your bike. Our mechanics will treat your chain, derailleurs, and cassette with a special formulation of cleaners. Along with lubricants to give you a nice bike wash and fine-tune the performance when you get involved in our bike cleaning service.

Professional (Major) Tune-Up

The Professional Tune-Up uses a detailed checklist to get your bike clean, well-tuned, and back into prime performance. Whether you are finishing up a long season of racing or pulling your bike off the rack for the first time in years, this Erie PA bike repair service might be perfect for you.
mobile bike repair services at home
Bicycle repair at home.

Complete Overhaul

The works! If you’ve put your bike through the wringer (so to speak) or it has been a few years between maintenance services, your bike might just need an overhaul. We will completely disassemble the bike, clean every component, re-lubricate, re-grease parts, replace cables and housing, grips/tape, and tune it for a new feel.

Brake/Gear/Derailleur Adjustment

The more you ride your bike, you may notice that the brakes and shifting aren’t as crisp as they used to be. We’ll get everything tightened up and realigned for improved performance.
service repair truck
Inside Rolling 2 You mobile bike repair services truck.
Precision Wheel True
Eventually, all wheels need to be trued. Which means the rim is realigned with the hub. If you notice your wheel has a wobble to it, we will get it straightened out and on the road.
Basic Adjustments with Safety Inspection
If your bike isn’t shifting right, you may need a tune-up. We also do brake and bolt inspections to make sure everything is sound.

Flat Tire Mobile Bike Repair Services

Whether it’s your first flat tire or your latest unlucky outing, we will replace the tube. If it is needed, we will also replace the tire.
Erie bicycle repairs inside the truck
Service repair truck tool set-up.

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